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Tara is internationally recognised as one of Britain's foremost yoga teachers. She specialises in Vinyasa flow yoga, pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga. She's also a popular teacher of teachers, running intensive courses for established instructors several times a year. Tara regularly appears on television, in magazines and online and has been named one of the UK's top five teachers by the London Evening Standard. Her following extends beyond her physical practice in London thanks to her popular Bump Mat and her acclaimed line of yoga DVDs, which grew from her 2008 bestselling DVD, Pregnancy Health Yoga. Tara's range of yoga DVDs is regularly featured in the Amazon top 20 bestselling fitness DVDs and she has sold over 150,000 discs worldwide.

Tara began practising Hatha yoga over 20 years ago while at university. She spent much of her twenties attending yoga teacher-training courses in her spare time while working as a photographer and TV producer for a documentary company. The courses were taken more to satisfy her desire for yoga knowledge and experience than to pave the way for a teaching career. A deep love for teaching was sparked after a few years' training, and as her classes grew, she transitioned into teaching yoga full time. Fifteen years ago, her enquiry led her to yoga master and visionary founder of ParaYoga, Rod Stryker. ParaYoga, with its emphasis on fusing traditional yoga principles with a strong physical practice, touches the practitioner at the deepest possible level, and its impact on Tara has been profound.

Tara holds a bachelor of science degree in sociology and psychology, and is both a qualified shiatsu practitioner and a doula, having trained with childbirth guru Michel Odent. She began teaching her distinctive style of prenatal yoga while she was expecting her first child, thus bringing together the three great passions in her life—natural healing, support during childbirth and yoga. Today, yoga is a lot more than just a physical practice for Tara. Her deeper focus is on breath work and meditation, and the principles and wisdom of yoga permeate every aspect of her life. Her mission is to inspire students with her knowledge and experience so they too can access a life of purpose, happiness and freedom.

Tara guides students through themed classes that incorporate meditations, breath work and powerful poses strung together in creative, dynamic sequences. The yoga she teaches is both true to its ancient roots and entirely relevant to a 21st Century lifestyle. Her classes and DVDs leave her students feeling stronger, more mindful and bursting with vitality.

Tara is a mother of two children (a girl and a boy) and lives in West London. She contributes regular blog posts to the Huffington Post and mindbodygreen.